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Villa Park BBQ & Grill Cleaning

The OC Grill Cleaner spends quite a bit of time in Villa Park cleaning BBQ’s, Ovens and outdoor Kitchens. Villa Park definitely has some of the largest yards in Orange County and because of that, we see many awesome and extraordinary outdoor BBQ kitchens and backyards. Villa Park residents understand and demand clean BBQ’s and we are there to ensure that they get what they want when it comes to clean BBQ’s.

Our BBQ cleaning process is eco-friendly, non-disruptive, efficient and most of all is the best value when it comes to BBQ cleaning.

We do not use pressure washers or power grinders to clean your BBQ. These methods are not recommended. We see so many BBQ’s that have been supposedly cleaned with grinders that all but ruin the beautiful stainless steel. The amount of deep scratching left behind is unbelievable and homeowners should never agree to having their expensive BBQ’s cleaned with power grinders. Power washers just push the grease and grime into the yards and require even more clean up than the BBQ itself.

 So how do we clean your BBQ? We use the best in class proprietary cleaners from the UK, elbow grease and commercial steam to sanitize and clean your expensive BBQ. We also have a mobile heated degreasing tank to soak and remove the grease from the internal BBQ parts. Very few BBQ cleaners have such an elaborate system for cleaning which is why we are so confident our process is the best out there.

Villa Park, CA BBQ Cleaning
bbq and grill cleaning in villa park, ca

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