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Lynx BBQ Ceramic Burner
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Lynx Ceramic Burners?

Lynx BBQ Grills ceramic burners

Never had I thought I would see ceramic burners in a BBQ Grill, but the impossible has happened. Lynx Grills has created a ceramic H-burner for their BBQ grills; we clean Lynx grills all the time in Orange County. The OC Grill Cleaner was out in Bonita Canyon when we ran across the Lynx ceramic burner. After doing some initial research, it makes sense and here is why. Most higher end grills come with Ceramic Briquette trays, which while distributing the heat more evenly and longer, the metal trays tend to rust and wear out, they are expensive to replace and the nice white ceramic briquettes are dirty after your first Barbecue and they are nearly impossible to clean, (ceramic briquettes are impossible to clean). So,  when we saw the ceramic H-burner in the Lynx Grill, it all made sense, it will warm slower than metal, but will continue to heat much longer. Cleaning the BBQ burner was a breeze as well, though in the defense of the metal burners, they are just as easy to clean in our mobile bbq parts degreasing tank. 

Lynx BBQ Ceramic Burner
2 Lynx Ceramic BBQ h-Burners

Lynx Grills is a local SoCal manufacturer of great grills. They clean so well and are quite popular with the residents of Orange County. 

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