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BBQ Cleaning Service Orange County
We keep the investment in your BBQ lifestyle clean.
BBQ Grill Cleaning Service
You'll wonder why you didn't call sooner.
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North OC

BBQ Grill Cleaning in:

  • Anaheim
  • Anaheim Hills
  • Brea
  • Cowen Heights
  • Emerson Bend
  • Floral Park / Santa Ana
  • Fullerton
  • Lemon Heights
  • North Tustin
  • Orange
  • Placentia
  • Tustin Ranch
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  • Villa Park
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  • South OC

    BBQ Grill Cleaning in:

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    • Baker Ranch
    • Coto de Caza
    • Irvine
    • Irvine Great Park
    • Laguna Hills
    • Laguna Niguel
    • Laguna Woods
    • Lake Forest
    • Mission Viejo
    • Rancho Santa Margarita

    Coastal OC

    BBQ Grill Cleaning in:

    • Crystal Cove
    • Irvine Bay
    • Newport Coast
    • Newport Beach
    • Monarch Bay
    • Emerald Bay
    • Fountain Valley
    • Laguna Beach
    • Laguna Canyon
    • Huntington Beach
    • Corona del Mar
    • East / West Bluff
    • Costa Mesa
    • Bonita Canyon
    • Newport Heights
    • Balboa Island
    • Dover Shores
    A Customer
    A Customer
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    "It's like Botox for your BBQ, great BBQ Cleaning service!
    Another Customer
    Another Customer
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    This Tustin BBQ cleaning service really lit my fire for barbecuing again"
    Repeat Customer
    Repeat Customer
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    "The BBQ cleaning process removes fat and grease better than lipo."

    BBQ Cleaning

    BBQ Cleaning Service Near Me


    BBQ Grill Cleaning

    Our first priority is keeping your property clean, after all you don’t want to have to clean up after us. Your grill will be disassembled and the internal parts put into our steam bath of degreasing solution which gets rid of 99% of all the grease and grime.  We use the same water based solution on the inside of your grill to remove the grease which is then vacuumed out into our vacuum waste pit. After the parts are reinstalled, we give the exterior of the grill a nice coating of polish which really brings out the shine on your BBQ Hood.
    Always ask about how your BBQ will be cleaned when shopping for BBQ grill cleaning services

    Is your bbq grill a fire hazard? Get it cleaned for worry-free BBQs!

    This video clearly shows how quick a fire can start in a dirty BBQ. The OC Grill Cleaner can ensure that this doesn’t happen to you or your family. We’ll clean your BBQ Grill so you will enjoy your BBQ parties and not have to worry about a grease fire occurring. 

    Orange County, CA Internet Users are searching for a “BBQ grill cleaning service near me”. In order for your grill to get cleaned, The OC Grill Cleaner starts with the best in the business!

    Grill Cleaning Service

    Don’t spend your time scrubbing! The OC Grill Cleaner saves you time and effort, leaving you free to enjoy more BBQ parties with your family. The first thing to point out is that the entire range of cleaning products used by The OC Grill Cleaner is not available to any other BBQ Cleaning Service not in the The BBQ Cleaner Network. It’s a true eco-friendly, non-caustic degreasing solution – not available to the public, we import it from Berkshire, England.

    The water based bbq degreasing solution is heated in a steam bath in our mobile stainless steel dip tank that allows us to soak your dirty BBQ grill parts onsite and remove baked on char, grease and grime.

    These cleaned BBQ parts can then be rinsed with water and reinstalled back into your grill looking nice and clean and ready for another season of grilling.

    While dirty BBQ parts are soaking, we are busy inspecting, scrubbing and cleaning out the grill so the firebox is nice and clean for the rest of the cleaned grill parts to be reinstalled.

    Once the interior BBQ cleaning is completed, we use a polishing cleaner for the exterior of the grill that brings back a beautiful shine to the exterior of the BBQ grill.

    Barbecue grill cleaning is hard work; there are no shortcuts, but our BBQ Cleaning method is the best of all of them out there today. We are a professional grill cleaning service.

    Your family will thank you as well, according to WebMD (and we agree), having a clean grill is so much better for your health.

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    BBQ Cleaning Service

    SPOILER: It’s a Weber Gas Grill model 310 that caught fire, a solid and super popular BBQ Grill  that The OC Grill Cleaner cleans and repairs all the time. 

    The OC Grill Cleaner
    Harth Patio and BBQ Association

    BBQ Cleaning Service for Orange County, CA

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