BBQ Grill Cleaning Services in Orange County

BBQ Grill Cleaning services, if you are serious about cleaning a grill, call us.  BBQ Grill Cleaning

Our BBQ Gill Cleaning Process and Services

Many people are searching for a BBQ grill cleaning service near me.  In order for your grill to get cleaned, The OC Grill Cleaner starts with the best in the business. 

The first thing to point out is that the entire range of products and cleaners used by The OC Grill Cleaner is not available to any other BBQ Cleaning Company not in the network. There are four of us here in the OC. It's a true eco-friendly,  non-caustic degreasing solution (not available to the public, we import it from the United Kingdom).

The water based solution is heated in our mobile dip tank that allows us to soak your dirty grill parts onsite and remove baked on grease and grime.

These BBQ parts can then be rinsed and reinstalled back into your grill looking nice and clean and ready for another season of grilling.

While those BBQ parts are soaking, we are busy inspecting, scrubbing and vacuuming out your grill so the firebox is nice and clean for the rest of the cleaned grill parts to be reinstalled.   

Once the interior cleaning is completed, we use a polishing cleaner for the exterior of the grill that brings back a beautiful shine to your BBQ grill. 

Barbecue grill cleaning is a laborious process, there are no shortcuts, but our BBQ Cleaning method is  the best of all of them out there today. We are a professional grill cleaning service.

Your family will thank you as well, according to WebMD (and we agree), having a clean grill is so much better for your health.

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What to expect with a BBQ Cleaning service

Once we arrive for your appointment, we will evaluate your BBQ, probably get to know your dog or kids, and check your grill for gas leaks or any other hidden non-functioning parts. We'll perform a functional test to ensure the grill is in good working order. If not, we'll make notes for you on what it will take to get it back to the way you bought it. We use tarps on the ground to ensure we don't make a mess and ensure the area is all clean when we leave. Of course, the main focus is your grill and you can expect that to be as clean as you have seen it in a long time and ready for you to get back to grilling.

Never Clean your BBQ this way

Power-washing. This method just pushes the grease and grime onto your property, pool and areas you don't want it. It's ineffective in the long run.

Remove your BBQ from your property. 

We are equipped to clean your grill at your home, we do not remove your grill from your home and take it somewhere else to clean it for up to who knows how many days inconveniencing you with arrivals and departures.

Power grinders. This can scratch your grill, and wears down the metal inside your grill and is not effective in the long run as well.

Who get's their BBQ grill cleaned?

We work with so many different clients:

  • Busy Homeowners
  • Vacation Rental Agencies
  • Vacation Home Owners
  • Hotels
  • HOA
  • Personal Concierge
  • Sports Professionals
  • Property Managers
  • Restaurants
  • Grill Manufacturers
  • Real Estate Offices

The list keeps growing, We'd love to work with you so call and book an appointment today.

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